A Summary Of Tammy Mazzocco’s Interview On Ideamensch

A Quick Biography Of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an Ohio based real estate agent that works for the realty firm, Re/Max. The area of Ohio which she focuses on selling and helping buyers is Delaware, Licking, Franklin and Fairfield Counties. These are primarily suburban communities in and around the Columbus, Ohio metro area.

Tammy Mazzocco began working as a secretary for a real estate firm. She was later encouraged to get a license for herself and become an agent in 1995. Mrs. Mazzocco also has experience in managing residential property. See tammymazz.com.

Highlights From Tammy Mazzocco’s Interview

Ideamensch recently conducted an interview with Tammy Mazzocco. The following are some of the main points from the interview that shed light into Tammy’s successes in real estate.

Ideamensch asked Tammy how she begins her day and what she dos to make it productive. Her response was this. She states that she likes to do some quiet mediation and some light stretching at the beginning or her day. This helps her remain focused and banishes stress. Tammy also states that she does the most important high priority tasks first before going to do other things. For tasks that she does not enjoy doing, she gets them done with a tactic called time blocking. Practicing doing these things and setting priorities helped her achieve positive results says Tammy.

Another question given to Tammy Mazzocco from Ideamensch was how she brings ideas to life. Her response was by first brainstorming, then doing research and then finally testing the idea to see if it is practical to implement. Ideamensch also asked Tammy Mazzocco what is a habit that helps her to be more productive in business. She responded by saying that setting goals and then breaking them into smaller steps helps her achieve them.

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