Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Talks About The Future

Alex Pall, the founding member and one half of the extremely popular electronic music duo The Chainsmokers, is trying to bring a more personal and intimate sound into a musical genre that some feel can be lacking in both. Alex founded The Chainsmokers after moving to New York City where he started DJing as a hobby. At first he maintained a full time job but quickly realized that making dance music and producing was his true passion in life and quit to start working on his music full time.

Originally The Chainsmokers was founded with another individual who eventually left the duo, and after speaking with his manager he was connected with Drew Taggart. Drew was living in Maine but after their very first meeting he moved into Alex’s apartment the very next day and they began making music from sunup to sundown. There was an instant connection and shared passion that enabled them to quickly rise up the ladder of the local DJ scene and start to garner national attention. It wasn’t long until they were getting significant radio play and touring the world.

While they focused on creating more traditional electronic dance music in the beginning, essentially creating the beats and underlying music while vocalists and lyricists added the human element, they knew that they wanted to build an identity that took them out from behind the turntables. It was this idea that has lead them to create their first single, “Closer”, that features Drew singing lyrics that the duo wrote themselves.

The song, like many of their music before it, was an instant hit and help them expand the possibilities of what they could create going forward. They plan on focusing on bringing that level of personal touch and inspiration to their first full length studio album in the near future. They also continue to build their identity and expand their brand, reaching new and diverse audiences with their music.

Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers are destined to continue being one of the world’s biggest and most sought after DJ’s and musicians.