Doe Deere On Embracing Her Uniqueness And How She Helps Other Women

Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics is a busy woman, building her brand one day at a time. She was born and raised in Russia, but soon in her late teens moved to the Big Apple, New York City to pursue her dreams of a music career. Lime Crime is not a makeup brand to just cover up with, but to fearlessly show your personality and individuality as a person.



She truly is a self made woman taking on the world of business on her own terms. Lime Crime was launched back in 2008, ten years ago, to express everyone’s inner unicorn. The cosmetic line is about what feels right and fun, not trying to achieve the natural with the help of makeup look. Lime Crime’s brand is intensely sparkly, bold, vibrant makeup will unleash the inner free spirit when you try it, and Doe supports that journey. Initially the cosmetic line started from something else. Ms. Deere has a DIY fashion line on eBay called “limecrime” and needed makeup to style her looks. Unfortunately, the au natural look was in and no makeup to support her look was available. Doe decided to start her own line of makeup that was based on color, and lots of it. It took over the fashion line and Ms. Deere focused on Lime Crime Cosmetics 100 percent. She has not looked back ever since.


Doe Deere has found lots of success and a female entrepreneur and wants to inspire other young women to do the same. She regularly reaches out to women and recommends they come to her with all their business ideas and advice so she can help them and inspire them. Doe goes to public events such as PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour to mentor young women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of being their own boss. The successful boss was not always so well loved and actually struggled in growing up. She felt different and alone. Fortunately, the budding business woman stuck to her guns and uniqueness and now it is celebrated among her community. Doe inspires others to embrace their unique qualities and see where it takes them in life.