Doe Deere Wants Everyone to be Unicorns

Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, always wanted to provide customers with a unique experience through its makeup and hair color products that no other brand could. Seeing the world as a “crowded place”, Deere and the whole Lime Crime team want the brand to stand out and allow its users to be able to express their individuality through style, whether that’s with their makeup or their hair.


Deere also believes that such accomplishments can be done without animal testing or incorporating animal chemicals into its products. Being 100% vegan and cruelty-free right from the start, Lime Crime has always stood out amongst other makeup brands. While their products are animal-friendly, so is the goal of the brand. Deere and the team do animal-related charity work.


Lime Crime prides itself on being a unicorn-inspired brand (because they’re unique), incorporating a range of shades into its palettes that other brands may not consider. In a vast sea of nude palettes, Lime Crime offers unconventional neutrals, striking bolds, shimmery metallics, and more, in a range of silky-smooth finishes. Despite its success, Lime Crime hasn’t been without its share of downs along the way since its founding in 2008, but Deere says the brand has become stronger because of them.


While promoting self-expression and that “being different is awesome“, Deere wants everyone to know they don’t need to conform to anyone else’s definition of beauty and should feel free to be exactly who they want to be. That’s why Deere says, the brand (and social media) is obsessed with unicorns, glitter, and anything whimsical. These are things that really stand out, as they think everyone should by “owning their differences.”


When Lime Crime releases a palette, they don’t just want to sell you eyeshadow, they want to sell you a story. Their palettes incorporate matching shades and finishes to create specific looks, there are no randoms thrown in for filler. To the brand, their palettes are beautifully wrapped stories that are conveniently packaged in a tiny box. Perhaps Lime Crime’s success is based on the fact that the brand never puts out something they don’t truly believe in. If it doesn’t work for them, they know it’s not going to work for the consumer.


Deere and the brand loves interacting with their customers on social media, whether that’s listening to their ideas or taking in their feedback. As all brands should, they believe that listening to their customers is what will allow them to create and release what they really want. They also use social media, such as Instagram, to hype up customers about new products and to show that the brand is just as excited as they are.


Deere believes that makeup and hair will “set you free” when you’re fearless with your individuality and are unapologetically yourself to the world. You shouldn’t be afraid of makeup or hair color, as its styles are virtually endless and you should feel free to explore them and be your own kind of unicorn. Learn more: