Dr. Rocklage’s Great Science Achievements to Change World of Medicine

Dr. Rocklage is an inventor as well as a co-inventor of more than 30 patents of the U.S and he also has over 100 publications that have been peer-reviewed. In 2003, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage joined 5AM as a Venture Partner and by the year 2004, he had become a Managing Partner.

He has great experience in healthcare management that is a 20-year record as well as a B.S in Chemistry that he acquired from the University of California, Berkely and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Manhattan Institute of Technology where he also conducted his research in Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: http://www.thestylemaponline.com/the-amazing-career-of-scott-rocklage-of-5am-ventures/ and http://www.rennovia.com/team/scott-m-rocklage/

In addition to his great management in healthcare, he has incredible strategic leadership responsibilities that have given him the opportunity, as well as the successful approval of three new drug applications in the U.S by the F.D.A. This approval gave Dr. Rocklage the opportunity to be among the six candidates in the clinical trials.

His outstanding strategic leadership has enabled him to be the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, the President, CEO, and Chairman of Nycomed Interventional, President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, as well as many R&D positions available at Salutar and Catalytica.

Dr. Rocklage is now the Board Chairman of Achaogen, Semprus, and Relypsa. Additionally, he is the Board Chairman of Kinestral, Rennovia, as well as Cidara. He is also on different other Boards including WaveRx, Variation, Epirus, and Pulmatrix

Additionally, Scott Rocklage is at the Whitehead Institute on the Board of Associates. Before his position there, he was an Executive Chairman of Ilypsa that was later acquired by Amgen. He was also formerly in Miikana that was acquired by EntreMed. He was also the Chairman of Relypsa ow known as NASDAQ:RLYP and Novira that has now been acquired by J&J.

His wonderful credentials have all worked on his side. From his good academic record to his Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry in the year 2005 to all his outstanding leadership skills have made him very successful and a great achiever.

Dr. Scott. M. Rocklage is now based in the MA office in Waltham.