Duda Melzer’s Executive Profile At A Glance

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who has come to be known as Duda Melzer has worked hard to build a good reputation in media and marketing management. His current position is heading up one of Brazil’s top broadcasting and publishing companies, Grupo RBS. This company was founded by his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky and also run by his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, but now it’s Duda’s turn to uphold the legacy of professionalism and quality content at the company. Melzer is able to do this not only because of the family members he’s looked up to, but also from being mentored by John Davis, a longtime Harvard professor.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer got to where he has through education first and foremost. He studied at one of Brazil’s most elite schools known as the Pontificate Catholic University of Rio Grande de Sul where he completed a bachelor’s in business administration. After that he attended Harvard and finished his MBA in the field. Prior to going into broadcasting, he joined Delphi Corporation and became a financial analyst. His first executive position was with BoxTop Media where he became CEO in 2002. Once he had several years of executive experience under his belt he finally came to work at his family’s company, Grupo RBS. Check out Clicrbs to know more.

Duda Melzer started out at Grupo RBS as a General Director, but in 2012 his uncle decided to step down and nominate him as president and CEO. Three years later Duda was chosen to succeed him as Chairman of the Board of Directors. That same year the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise selected him among 25 other family business leaders for their list. Melzer has not only been a leader in broadcasting professionalism, he’s also been an investor in startups through a Grupo RBS subsidiary known as e.Bricks Digital.

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