Fabletics Make Waves In Fashion World With Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics, the fashion online retail shop, was considered as yet another celebrity initiated line of products with an average appeal. But the online retailer by Kate Hudson is now proving that it is something more, something special. The online retail store is founded in 2013 to provide sportswear fashion products for women. Now, the firm is considered to be one of the fastest growing online retailers in the recent times with 35% revenue increase every year. It has also got $250 million valuations within three years and is giving an increasingly helpful and customized shopping experience.



Fabletics became successful due to a number of brilliant strategies by the management of the online retailer. It encourages reverse showrooming. The firm has physical stores in all the major cities in U.S. and people can visit these stores compare the products, then check with retailer’s online website to get more information, details, similar products, and choose their products of choice. For a long time, it was found that the physical stores were finding issues of people visiting, checking the product physically, and buying it online at a better price. The strategy by Fabletics is to counter the behavior of such customers. The retailer is also aiming to generate a mixed experience of both online retailing and physical stores.



Apart from that, the quality of the product is always found superior with the price of the outfits. The products are very soft and expand and compress comfortably while wearing it. The outfits are in solid colors, and it looks simple at the same time impressive. While coming to the value, all the products are 30 to 40% less than similar quality products. Altogether, the online retailer is giving a wonderful sports fashion experience under their roof.



Thirdly, Fabletics introduced a subscription plan to help its customers called VIP Membership. People who subscribe the membership plan would usually be charged $49.95 per month. The subscribers get free goodies and outfits worth the subscription amount. Additionally, it provides discounts up to 50% on regular prices of the items. People can cancel the subscription plan if they wish to discontinue at any time. Also, they have an option to skip a particular month, if required. While choosing the subscription plan, every user has to fill a questionnaire about their fashion choices and based on that they get the personalized line of products.



Altogether, the online retailer is providing an excellent choice of outfits in yoga, running, and gym & workout along with different lines of stylish tops and bottoms. The retailer also sells high-quality sports accessories such as gym bags, headbands, socks, yoga mats, tote, water bottle, etc. Recently, the retailer started selling men’s fashion products as well. It includes shorts, travel pants, jogger, etc. The retailer has currently 18 physical stores in U.S., and it plans to make it to 75 to 100 stores in the next five years.

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