Important Business Development Ideas to Learn from Dick DeVos

The John F. Kennedy organization; the Center for the Performing has gone past their expected financing goal for its expansion project. Rather than stopping the campaign, the group has increased its target by yet another $50 million.



According to the firm press statement, the campaign has been able to raise the $135.9 million for the earmarked project. The project includes a pedestrian bridge, a riverfront pavilion, which will link the Kennedy Center with other three buildings, rehearsal and educational spaces as well as dining and office areas. The campaign to raise money started in the year 2013 with the aim of raising $125 million. $25 million was to be used for programming with the remaining $100 million going to expansion. With inflation cases, changes in design and scrutiny by government agencies, the construction cost has gone up to $119.5 million.



With the huge financial blessing that the DeVos family have received, Betsy and Dick DeVos decided to launch their foundation. The intent is to use the foundation to finance other charitable activities and groups. Dick DeVos is very active in the community. He has served in various organizations as a board member and has provided leadership and guidance to different clusters in the United States. His investment and interests run across the different sectors of the economy.



Dick DeVos began his career in Amway Corporation in the year 1974. While at Amway, he held various positions of responsibility in various departments. By the year 1984, he had been promoted to become the Vice President of the company. He was to oversee smooth operations in over 18 countries. In the year 1989, he left the company to start his venture, The Windquest Group.



By the year 1991, Dick was appointed by his father, Richard to manage the National Basket Association a Basketball franchise. He performed the management roles in the two companies concurrently. Two years down the line, he returned to Amway Corporation to replace his father; the president. He has been involved in managing and restructuring the company. During his reign, the company has been able to raise its territories to over 50 countries spread across the six continents.



In the year 2002, Dick retired as the president of Alticor. Alticor is the umbrella firm comprising of Quixtar Corporation, Amway Corporation, and Access Business Group. The decision to quit was informed by the desire to join politics and to devote more time and resources to his Windquest group. In the year 2006, he unsuccessfully ran for governor in Michigan State.


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