Matt Badiali, 14 years in Finance World

On Twitter, Matt Badiali speaks about diverse wealth strategies. His tweets are informative. In this platform (Twitter), he shares different ways an average investor can invest wisely. As a wealth strategist, he has been one of the most read financial gurus. His simple approach gives him relevance among potential investor with no background in investment.

Why is Badiali’s approach unique? As a financial writer specializing in energy and minerals, he has a background in Science in Geology (from BSC to Masters). The educational background gives Matt Badiali a comprehensive understanding of this niche of investment. It is simpler for him to evaluate whether a financial decision in the mining sector makes financial sense or not. Second, Badiali is without a doubt one of the few writers that have traveled and experienced different realities in mining. The traveling aspect makes him an objective analyst and not just an armchair pundit in minerals. Third, he has been able to blend in mining knowledge with his early exposure to the world of finance. This exposure of the two worlds makes resourceful.

With a massive exposure to the mining and finance worlds, he was able to create a path where people regardless of their financial ability can invest. The Freedom Checks according to many financial journals in the most rewarding financial investment in this era. Matt Badiali utilizes two major realities to give the investors high returns. First, the checks are legal and the Statues 26-F gives them the benefit of tax relief. This means therefore that the returns for the investments are untaxed as compared to other investments. Second, Badiali acknowledges the potential the energy sector holds. With this potential, therefore, the niche (minerals and energy investment) can only grow due to consumption.

As an investor and a believer of hard work, Matt Badiali believes that exposure through forums such as internships makes one a better person. To be efficient according to him, one must also read wide. He is an avid reader of financial journals and this helps him to open up to new trends and capitalize on them. To the young and upcoming investors, in addition, Badiali advise them that being consistent is good.