Paul Herdsman: A Distinguished Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman, the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, has well experienced in consumer software as well as online customer acquisition from various positions he has held for over a decade in the field. Paul is a skilled and talented problem solver and a distinct expert in sales and marketing. Paul co-founded of NICE Global, a business company that focuses on finding business solutions in a global marketing platform. The company has its headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A herdsman is a family man who has learned to balance his life between work, family, sports, and fishing.


The dream of Paul Herdsman establishing NICE Global was created from the tremendous strain that the company’s internal resources were facing from outsourcing its services from about five different countries. The challenge of managing different operations centers in different countries furthered increased the necessity of building a central company. Paul Herdsman and his colleague’s pride in having a strong team that is widely connected, which was very instrumental during the building of the company in Jamaica. The aim was to establish a central operations center that would ease the coordination and management of its services.


Herdsman is an ambitious and brilliant businessperson with an immense empathy for improving the livelihood of people. He works extra hard in mentoring and inspiring the upcoming entrepreneurs to rise against the tides that are associated with startup businesses. Paul believes in success and the optimal utilization of the scarce resources; human and material.


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Paul is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs, especially the young and new in the world of business. He commits a lot of time to assist gearing startups and other SMEs so that they may also enjoy a lifetime success. He’s even willing to share his Business Tips To Be Successful to established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.



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