Roseann Bennett: Helping Paws, Helping People

Roseann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has over ten years in the working in the field of mental health. Bennett is Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. This facility which receives no funding, offers its mental health services to help the community live healthy and overcome the stigma of mental health issues.


As of recent, the center has begun using Canine-Assisted Therapy. Roseann Bennett realized when working with children, how the child felt comfortable and calmed by a canine. In easing the tension, the

child opens up more easily. Bennett realized the benefits this could bring to all clients.


Therapy dogs differ from service dogs. Service dogs are specifically trained to help a person with a special need. Therapy dogs are used to deal with more emotional issues and needs, particularly useful for people with anxiety or autism for example. View More Information Here.


According to Roseann Bennett, there are certain dogs that are better breeds for being a therapy dog. These breeds include German Shepards, Labs, Greyhounds, Beagles, and Pugs to name a few. The must be calm dogs, as if they are to excitable it could defeat the purpose in keeping a calm atmosphere in which the client will feel more at ease. When trained, these dogs are used in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and mental health centers.


Bennett realizes that there are also physical benefits to a therapy dog. Because they have a calming effect and offer affection, it stimulates feel good endorphins in the person. This can help reduce stress leading to lower blood pressure, help them feel less pain due to the endorphins, and even have the capability to cut down the medications a person has to take.


Roseann Bennett believes from a mental standpoint, incorporating a therapy dog will help reduce anxiety, fight depression, help a person feel less alienated, and much more. All these benefits can aid in the quicker recovery of a person had they not had the interaction of a therapy dog.


Just another reason dog truly is a man’s best friend.