Securus Technologies: Keeping us on the Cutting Edge of Mobile Contraband in Prisons

When I think of danger in prisons, I typically think of what you would see in any crime drama: gangs, drugs, the occasional shanking in the cafeteria. However, that’s why prison security technology is left up to the experts that know the real threats like Securus Technologies.


Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies works with over 3,000 prisons and correctional facilities. Outside of security they are also widely known as the industry leader in connecting the family members and friends of prisoners with access to mobile calling at a reasonable rate.


Here are a few testimonials that were released in a press release recently that give testament to the power of the technology Securus is bringing into our country’s prison systems.


First, a prime example of the threats that pose us on the inside of prisons was a testimonial that shared how mobile phone monitoring technology was used to uncover that a prison employee was actually bringing in illegal items to prisoners. Because of the monitoring capabilities, they were able to obtain an arrest warrant and put an end to the activity, making the prison a safer place. Another example came from a series of phone calls that were again monitored. These calls uncovered an outside citizen who freely admitted to selling prescription bills. It also weeded out the source of drugs and alcohol being used by inmates inside the prison. Again, because of these monitoring services, the staff at the institution was able to pinpoint the source of the issue and put a swift stop to the activities.


In addition to testimonials such as the ones above, many showed overall praise for Securus Technologies systems making the facilities safer for inmates and staff. Clients complimented things like being able to be more proactive, to respond faster and to have a sharper eye on what was happening in the prison systems.