The Career And Leadership Capabilities Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation with a passion for details and the design process. His experience is in in site and building design, procurement, design development and contract administration. He has a reputation as a leader who wants to aid his project partners, team members and clients in reaching their goals.

Brian Bonar has a portfolio that includes multi family housing, aviation and retail commercial with experience assisting on numerous educational projects. His skills make him an asset to teams and projects and he also establishes relationships with the clients.

Mr. Bonar was Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of The Year. This is a high honor since only two men and two women are chosen for each discipline. The honorees are chosen based on their academic achievements, leadership abilities and accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has over thirty years experience of management in finances. He is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies which is one of the leaders in digital imaging hardware and color management software.

Brian Bonar earned his Masters degree when he attended Stafford University and has founded numerous enterprises. He has transitioned to the role of a business consultant. His skills include marketing and sales strategies, lead generation, mergers, acquisitions, locating venture capital, business development and process improvement.

His career began as a procurement manager at IBM where he outsourced motherboards. After IBM he worked for QMS as a Director of Engineering. He was with the company for four years and managed a team consisting of 100 engineers in hardware and software development.

Brian Bonar left QMS in 1989 and took a position with the Rastek Corporation. He was the Vice President in Sales and Marketing. His responsibilities included helping with printed technology and marketing for clients located worldwide.

After Rastek Mr. Bonar became deeply involved in the industry of printing. He went to work for Adaptec as their sales manager. He worked closely with major Japanese and Korean companies who manufactured printers.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar decided to he wanted to strike out on his own a year later. He became the CEO and founder of Bezier Systems in September of 1994. Mr. Bonar drew on his knowledge and experience in the printing industry and his company was the first in the creation and marketing of a printer that was SCSI based.

A year after Mr. Bonar had founded his company he was once again working with the printer manufacturer’s in Korea and Japan. He held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing with ITEC Imaging Technologies. He stayed in this position for four years before he decided he needed a new challenge. He found it and went to work for Allegiant Professional Business Services as the president.