The Frontera Fund: Understanding All Rights

Issues of freedom and liberty can be difficult to discuss at times, and you can’t always be sure that each organization will provide accurate information and assistance when you need it most. The International Committee of the Red Cross is an accredited organization that you can indeed trust. And their mission is a simple yet noble one.

They are involved directly with promoting advocacy programs for those involved in armed conflict, as well as ensuring compliance with International Humanitarian Law. Being responsible for such a serious issue is not something outside the realm of their skillset. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

In fact, many who work for Red Cross are professionals who understand the urgency of care for those afflicted with war and violence. Their services however are not limited to war. They also provide support for random natural catastrophes as well as any general emergencies.

With this organization, one must stress the importance of preparedness. With surprise disasters and acts of war looming around every corner, The Red Cross is a proven force for the tactile and effective recovery in various forms of crisis.

Another very helpful and prominent advocate for human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. It all started with an incident that led to their arrest from an overbearingly stringent police officer who takes pride on being strict.

This was in regard to the fact that they were revealing through their articles that they were currently being targeted by a Grand Jury to obtain their notes and articles, even so far as to request various browsing history and IP information. Later, they were both arrested in their homes and sent to separate cells.

Later they were indeed released and were offered a settlement fee of over three million dollars which they used to implement the Frontera Fund, an organization which advocates various human rights and the betterment of man kind under a just law that is not abused.

This unconstitutional act would not go without reaping the fruits of the reward of settlement fees. Larkin & Lacey used it to ensure that they could reduce the frequency of incidents like this, that way it wouldn’t happen to some poor unfortunate individual again. Who we place in power provides a direct impact on how the law plays out in these situations. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Its very important to have the Frontera Fund and groups like it which are pioneers of the rights for people, all while enforcing the laws of the constitution that many seem to think can be abused with no consequences. Well this three million dollar consequence has funded an effective organization that is designed to increase awareness of issues of freedom of speech.

By using this money, they have strengthened the activist community as a whole and serve as a shining example of sacrificing for the greater good. The fund in itself is evidence of the importance of increasing rights education.