Tony Petrello Looking Out for the Future

When most people think of a CEO, they think of someone who is greedy, selfish, hordes money and pays their employees little while they sit on a velvet thrown. Some even imagine a pair of horns and possibly a little pointy tail. It’s easy enough for most people to imagine when they haven’t been in such a position and wish to have more of what they have. However, this image does not come easily to mind with certain people, even those who are CEO’s or above.

Anthony, or Tony, Petrello is one such person. If anything, one could almost envision soft, white, feathery wings and halo attached to his visage, especially for his recent actions. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Being CEO of Nabors Industries, a rather powerful oil rig company located in Texas, the type of company that most people find to be the most evil, Tony is certainly not financially struggling. Because of this, he has been putting much of his money towards an exceptional cause to which he relates very closely.

Tony Petrello, along with being CEO, is also a loving husband and devoted father. His daughter, Carena, was born prematurely, and suffered from a lack of oxygen flow to her brain, requiring medical attention right away. Because of this, she know struggles with cerebral palsy, a condition with varying intensities that makes daily life a daunting task for those with it. For Carena, like many others, it meant delayed learning, especially physically. At the age of 8, she still struggles with walking and talking, but her parents are than confident in her perseverance and will power.

However, Tony wants to do more to help his daughter and other children like her. Because of this, he has been donating millions of dollars to Texas Children’s hospital for research in this field. His contributions have even helped build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.Tony has made it a goal of his to find ways to better help anyone and everyone who shares his daughter’s condition.

With evidence like this, it certainly is difficult to cast Tony Petrello as anything but a father willing to do everything he can to find better help and care for his daughter and everyone else in a similar boat to her. His dedication to funding more children’s brain research is nothing to laugh at, especially with how little goes into children’s research fields as of late. Perhaps more CEO’s will follow his lead and look to funding research and help for our children.